10 Easy DIY Labels For School Supplies You’ll Love To Make

adhesive & htv vinyl

Labels For School Supplies Made Fun and Easy

Check out these 10 DIY Labels For School Supplies you can make with your Cricut or Silhouette. Explore endless labeling design ideas using Bright Star Crafters’ plain and patterned vinyl sheets. They’re so fun and easy to make!

1. It’s Cool To Be Kind

Design a custom pencil pouch with a fun and colorful patterned vinyl. Make it extra awesome and use HTV vinyl bundle sheets that feature Bright Star Crafters’ most popular designs. It’s super easy! You’ll soon be crafting your own fun designs and labeling all your kids’ school items.

2. Shine Brighter

Make a personalized journal using an inspiring quote or statement. Use a custom HTV vinyl in a cool font and pattern to instantly make it stand out!

3. Everything Spine

Have fun making unique DIY subject labels using patterned adhesive vinyl. Put them on binders, so it’s easier to grab one from a desk or shelf. It keeps everything so neat and organized!

4. Made For You

Make DIY custom name labels in every shape and color! Bright Star Crafters’ permanent adhesive vinyl is perfect for fun projects like this. You know you’ve gotta label everything for school and this is the only way to go! Fun, cute, and super easy!

5. Bunch of Lunch

Choose the best adhesive vinyl for your personalized lunch kit and level up your labeling game. Chic is in the details!

adhesive & htv vinyl

6. About Face

Who says being safe needs to be boring? Customize your face masks with bright and colorful HTV vinyl. Bring out the fun and put it on your masks!

7. Shoe Fly

Make the most fly custom designs ever by using a fun patterned adhesive vinyl. Stick cute custom shoe labels on your kids’ shoes, so they won’t ever lose a pair!

8. Stick To It

Wanna make fun custom pencil labels using adhesive vinyl? Create these cute conversation-starter stickers or even just your name in a cute font and color! This way, even the tiniest of things are all labeled and nothing ever gets lost!

9. Mono Me

Craft your kids’ very own personalized monogram binders! School labels made with permanent vinyl in their favorite color and a fun font are perfect to make! It’s an easy way to identify school items especially if you’ve got a bunch of kids at home.

10. Whale Make It

Make all your custom school supplies look amazing by using a cute pattern that fits your kid’s personality. A patterned permanent vinyl makes a whole lot of difference! Use them to label all of their back to school essentials.

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