10 Fun Cricut Easter Ideas

adhesive & htv vinyl

10 Easy Cricut Easter Ideas You’ll Love

Feeling a little festive? These Easter Cricut Ideas will make it easy for you to get everyone around you into the Easter spirit. Here are 10 Easy DIY Easter Cricut ideas you’ll love making.

1. Easter Eggs

You can make these Cricut Easter eggs using print & cut on your Cricut, or if you keep the designs really simple, you could even make some Easter decals out of your adhesive vinyl off-cuts. You might like to dye your eggs, or get some reusable plastic eggs to make an Easter countdown calendar to get the kids excited for the arrival of the Easter Bunny.

2. Easter Buckets

These Bunny Buckets are so cute & easy. All you need is some adhesive vinyl and a bucket… if you want to add an extra level of cute, you can add a fluffy tail too. This is definitely on of those Cricut Easter basket ideas that you can make in a flash & know for sure that the kids will love them!

3. Bunny Bag

If this isn’t one of the cutest Cricut Easter projects I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is! You can make a simpler version of this bag using HTV vinyl and a plain drawstring bag. Simply cut some ears, eyes, nose and cheeks. Then it’s just a matter of applying the vinyl to the face of your drawstring bag.

4. Easter Tee

If you’re looking for Easter Cricut shirt ideas here’s one that you can make in a flash. All you’ll need is HTV and a blank kids shirt. The simplicity of this design will mean you can cut weed and apply super fast. Plus… you little one is going to love wearing a custom shirt made by you.

5. Tote-ally Egg-straordinary

Some of the simplest Easter ideas for Cricut machines are the best. Grab a tote, one sheet of HTV or sublimation paper, cut your design, weed, and apply. No fancy techniques or tools needed, and it’s a gift they’ll use on Easter Day every year.

adhesive & htv vinyl

6. Easter-inspired Kitchen Towels

Don’t these Cricut Easter designs look so cute?! You can get this look by using HTV or sublimation and adding some embellishments if you want to add an extra touch of love. They’re not just great to make for yourself! They make a great gift for family and friends too.

7. Easter Sign

Why not make your family some Cricut Easter signs and give them to them as gifts on Easter Sunday? Then, the following year they’ll have a little something to decorate their home with too.

These are so easy to make using adhesive vinyl. It really is just as simple as buying a picture frame & adding some vinyl under the glass. It’s a great gift for anyone who might be trying to avoid eating too much chocolate too.

8. Easter Bunny Toppers

These Cricut Easter bunny cake toppers are super easy to make. You only need some patterned cardstock and you’re ready to hop straight into decorating. You can make these with your Cricut & Silhouette, or just cut them by hand.

9. Bunny Vases

Looking for some recyclable Cricut Easter Decorations? These little bunny jars are just so cute. Cut your bunnies out with adhesive vinyl, glue on some tails and fill the jars with anything you like. You could add candy, make a candle, add some twinkle lights… the possibilities are endless with this cute idea.

10. Bunny Mugs

One of the most popular Cricut Easter Gifts is definitely a custom mug. You can make yours with adhesive vinyl, or if you have sublimation-ready mugs, you might like to use sublimation paper instead. Either way, you know you’ll have made a gift that every bunny will love!

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