12 Back To School Cricut Ideas

adhesive & htv vinyl

12 Easy Back To School Cricut Ideas

Make school even more fun and exciting with these Back To School Cricut Ideas! From classroom and homeschool crafts to school essentials and even teachers’ gifts, these projects are all super easy to do! Go ahead and try them with Bright Star Crafters vinyl and craft something you’ll love!

1. Pencil In

Labeling school essentials has never been this quick and easy! Create custom pencil cases with HTV vinyl. Ring into the back-to-school season in perfect style!

2. Happy Sign

Give everyone a warm welcome with this DIY sign. Bring out the fun and energetic vibe from everyone by crafting a bright and colorful sign using permanent vinyl.

3. Label It

Have all your kids’ school essentials labelled and don’t get anything mixed up! Create fun and unique name labels using patterned adhesive vinyl. so you won’t have to lose or replace anything at all.

4. Bring Back Kindness

Give those old school backpacks a brand new look with a fun and colorful adhesive vinyl makeover. With a dash of creativity, you’ll be turning it from zero to hero!

5. Mono-labels

Make your own monogram labels for notebook covers, pouches, and more! A nice patterned permanent vinyl makes customizing school essentials stand out. Can’t get enough of monogram labeling? Us, too!

6. Pretty Prints

Who’s got the prettiest water bottle of them all? You do! With a fun custom design, you can make some DIY vinyl decals using a mix of colorful permanent vinyl. You’ll definitely make your water bottle look pretty awesome.

adhesive & htv vinyl

7. Keep It Clean

Create a custom fun design with bright and colorful HTV vinyl for your masks, sanitary pouches, and all your care essentials. Make it pop, so it’s easy to see and grab whenever you need it!

8. Slip In Some Polka

Want a custom pencil pouch? Here’s a simple and easy idea: Just stick on some vinyl decals out of gold vinyl like this one on your pouch. Make it spunkier with some cute patterned adhesive vinyl.

9. Eats Lunch Time!

Want to try a simple DIY lunch bag idea? Grab a plain bag and customize it with a cute lunch design using HTV vinyl. Label with a name on it or make it reusable by making a cute but generic food-inspired design.

10. Undercover

Design a custom umbrella for your little ones with cute decals made from adhesive vinyl. They’ll always be in a sunny mood with a nice umbrella to keep them protected from the rain.

11. Own It

Goodbye, mix-ups! Make personalized school essential items with your kids’ names and coordinate colors and designs! Make it cuter with some fun designs made out of permanent vinyl and HTV vinyl.

12. Keep On Sticking On

How do you make school seem cool and more fun? Create fun and unique DIY designs using adhesive vinyl for your kids’ personalized stickers. They can stick them onto their notebooks, planners, and even books! They’ll look forward to it and will be sticking to their school routine with these!

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