11 Clever Cricut Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

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11 Clever Cricut Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Are you a Cricut beginner? Then you’ll love these Cricut hacks that will make you a crafting pro in no time! From applying vinyl in a flash and cleaning your supplies to knowing just about every little useful hack that’ll make your crafting life a breeze, here are 11 of our favorite Cricut Hacks you should know:

1. My Lips are Sealed

No need to panic the next time you run out of transfer tape! Just grab your press.n seal from the kitchen and enjoy this Cricut transfer tape hack. It’s not the perfect transfer method, but handy if you’re pressed for a solution!

2. Swipe Up and Down

If you don’t have a squeegee yet, don’t fret! You can always use a gift card. It’s one of the easiest Cricut hacks and tips you’ll find handy. Just leave a few cards on your craft table, just in case!

3. Mat Are You Looking For?

Here’s a genius Cricut mat hack that you can do when removing or pulling off paper or stickers from the mat. Instead of pulling off the paper from the mat, turn it upside down and curl the mat away. Now you don’t have to worry about your paper being curled up. Easy peasy!

4. Roll It & Snap It

One of the easiest Cricut organization hacks you can do with your vinyl is to use a snap bracelet. Roll your vinyl and just hold them together with it. Snap, snap, and you’re done!

5. Weed or Weed Out

Use a painter’s tape when you’re weeding. It’s a super quick way to weed those intricate designs. Isn’t this one of the most useful Cricut weeding hacks you’ve ever known? You’re welcome!

6. Curve Matters

Cut slits in your transfer tape to do this simple hack for applying vinyl to curved surfaces. It will help you remove the bubbles when putting your vinyl on a curved item like a mug.

adhesive & htv vinyl

7. Dark Side

A little magic you can do when weeding dark vinyl is to sprinkle some baby powder onto your cut vinyl. Then just brush it off lightly. Weeding made super easy even with dark vinyl.

8. No Shame In Reusing

Has anyone told you that you can actually reuse transfer tape? Yes, you can! It’s one of the Cricut hacks to save money. Just reuse a piece of 4×4 a couple of times, so there’s no need to keep buying more!

9. Wipe It Right

Here’s another simple Cricut mat hack to make cleaning your mat easy. You just need alcohol-free baby wipes! It does the trick when getting grime off your mat.

10. Roll With It

Want to remove small details from cardstock paper? Do so by using a lint roller. Makes weeding super fast and easy!

11. Cricut Lingo

A Cricut beginner will love these Cricut cheat sheets that’s super easy to understand. Everything you need to know from basic Cricut Design Space functions to useful crafting lingo.

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