5 Clever Vinyl Roll Organizer Ideas Your Craft Room Needs

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Vinyl Roll Organizer Ideas For A Clutter-Free Craft Room

Get your crafting supplies organized! We’ve got amazing Vinyl Roll Organizer Ideas for you. Sort, contain, and label them, and check out which storage solution goes perfectly with your craft room.

1. Ikea Hack

Arrange your vinyl rolls into colors to make them look super organized! This IKEA vinyl storage idea is a clever hack that will turn your craft room from drab to fab.

2. Acrylic Bins

Stash your rolls neatly in acrylic bins and label them. It’s one of the best storage ideas for vinyl rolls. Easy to see, easy to store, and easy on the eyes, too. Delightfully arranged on shelves, they look super duper chic!

3. Storage Baskets

This craft vinyl sheet storage idea is a great way to store your vinyl when you want to keep everything neat, clean, and simple! All you need are some storage baskets. Place your vinyl in each basket after sorting and re-rolling them. Tuck the baskets into shelves or cubbies and you’re done!

adhesive & htv vinyl

4. Plastic bins

Here’s an easy storage solution to keep away dust and other elements from your vinyl rolls! Make a DIY vinyl storage box, and place them inside any clear or transparent covered plastic box. Label them properly, so it’s easily identifiable and neatly arranged. Enjoy your clutter-free craft room!

5. DIY Vintage Crate

Roll your vinyl anywhere in your craft room by creating a DIY vintage crate. It’s a unique idea on How to organize vinyl sheets. The best part? It has wheels, that can make rolling it around a walk in the park. It’s crafting organization made super easy!

Bonus: How To Store Your Vinyl Scraps

And if you’re wondering how to organize vinyl scraps, a photo album is an awesome storage solution! Slip it inside clear sheets and organize them by color.

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