5 Fun DIY Cricut Christmas Cushion Covers

adhesive & htv vinyl

Planning on crafting some Christmas cushion covers this year? Give these easy crafting projects a try! Use Bright Star Crafters fun and colorful patterned HTV vinyl on your Christmas cushion covers. They will definitely bring tree-mendous holiday vibes to your home!

1. Neutral Trees

Want to give these minimalist Christmas-themed cushion covers a try? No need for leather! With fun patterned HTV Vinyl, you’ll be making them in no time! Whether you’re going for neutrals or full-on Christmas colors this year, you can instantly transform a blank cushion cover into a fun Christmas masterpiece using Bright Star Crafters HTV Vinyl.

2. Blissful Christmas

Customizing Christmas-themed cushion covers is so fun and easy! Bling them silly with Christmas patterned HTV vinyl on a blank cushion cover. They’ll brighten up any room in a sec!

3. Funky Reindeer

Throw a-rockin’ and rollin’ reindeer designed throw pillow on your couch. These cool and funky Christmas tartan cushion covers are super easy to make! Grab a blank cushion cover and use buffalo plaid or tartan HTV vinyl and you’re ready to roll. It’s an awesome pattern that you can use as a theme for your Christmas decor!

adhesive & htv vinyl

4. Santa Seat

Set up a seat for Santa and make one of these Christmas throw cushion covers. Use fun and bright HTV vinyl on your blank cushion cover to make it pop. Don’t forget his milk and cookies! Santa will be ho-ho-hopping to you in a flash!

5. Cozy Christmas Couch

Try these Christmas cushion cover ideas to give to family and friends this Christmas! Choose a fun colored and patterned HTV Vinyl to contrast with a plain white blank cushion cover. Finish off your designs with felt balls to make them more fun and quirky!

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