9 Easy DIY Easter Bags and Easter Buckets

adhesive & htv vinyl

9 Easy DIY Easter Bags and Easter Buckets

On the hunt for Easter bags and buckets for your little ones? We’ve found some of the cutest designs you can create. Easter egg hunting just got cuter! Whether it’s a tote, a bucket, or a basket, these will surely get your kids hopping in egg-citement!

1. Bunny Tail Drawstring Bag

If sewing isn’t your thing (it isn’t mine either!) and you want to make these dainty Easter bunny bags, all you need to do is grab a blank drawstring bag, a fun floral or spring-patterned HTV vinyl, and a bunny SVG to create your own version of this bag. Easy-peasy!

2. Monogram Bucket

Some easy, last-minute Easter basket ideas you can make in an instant are monogrammed personalized metal easter buckets. Just grab a plain metal bucket and adhesive vinyl in 2-3 fun colors you can layer.

3. First Time Hunter Basket

Make your little one’s first Easter memorable with this DIY Easter basket. Choose pretty colors and patterned HTV for your fabric basket. Don’t forget to take heaps of photos!

4. Cotton Tail Bucket

Want to make your kids’ pastel metal Easter buckets cuter? Create this adorable bunny design using plain adhesive vinyl and stick it onto their bucket. Use cotton or pompom for bunny tails to add a dainty flair.

adhesive & htv vinyl

5. Spring Bunny Burlap Bag

Personalized Easter bunny bags make awesome gifts that everyone will love. Use pastel-colored and patterned HTV vinyl for your fabric bags. Stuff them with Easter treats and goodies. They’ll be so cute, they’ll want to keep using it all year round!

6. Camouflage Bucket

With patterned adhesive vinyl, you can create fun plastic Easter buckets in a flash. Fill it to the brim with toys and treats! Your kids will be hopping away with delight!

7. Hoppy Easter Tote Bag

Looking for cute Easter tote bags for your not-so-little ones? This DIY gift is so cute and can even be pretty useful for Easter egg hunting, too! You can make one in an instant with just a blank tote bag and HTV vinyl. You’ll have hoppy kids that are Easter-ready with their bags in tow.

8. Bunny & Carrot Bucket

Create the cutest Easter bucket decals and make your buckets look super fun. Be extra creative and use patterned adhesive vinyl to make them even more pop!

9. Mini Bunny Treats Bag

Give away Easter goodie bags to kids at your Easter egg hunt party. With some fabric, HTV vinyl, and ribbon, you’ll soon be packing away treats in super cute bunny bags! Hop on to it!

Bonus: DIY Easter Basket Tag

Need a last-minute Easter basket? Use any plain basket at home and just add Easter basket tags–et voila! You’ve got personalized Easter baskets in an instant! Fill them up with yummy homemade goodies like cupcakes and cookies. Now that’s Easter magic made even sweeter!

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