About Bright Star Crafters Adhesive Bundles

Bright Star Crafters Adhesive Bundles

If you’re anything like most crafters it can be pretty overwhelming (& expensive) to buy all the vinyl that you’ve got your eye on. Especially when you’re a beginner crafter. That’s why our bundles are so popular.

These bundles are a fantastic price & they include a bunch of our most popular designs & colors. They’re a great option for any Cricut or Silhouette user who just wants to get crafting!

All of our bundles include 12 sheets (size 12” x 12”), and you can get them in all of our most popular materials; Permanent Adhesive Vinyl, HTV Vinyl & Sublimation Paper

We’ve got 2 types of bundles – Full-Sheet Bundles & Multi Panel Bundles  

Full-Sheet Bundle

The Full-Sheet Bundles give you 12 full pages of the 1 color or pattern. We’ve tried to pick out the most popular colors and/or patterns. You’ll be able to do larger projects with these. The plain color packs are particularly great to have in your stash as they’re so handy to have around.

Multi Panel Bundle

The Multi Panel Bundles give you 36 different colors and patterns! It also has 12 full sheets, but these are then split into 3 panels. It’s an incredible way to sample lots of vinyl without spending a fortune. This bundle is perfect for smaller projects like bottles, mugs, key chains, and things like that. You can put the full sheet onto your mat or you can cut them up into strips. This bundle is also amazing to use with your Cricut Joy machines.

Take a look at our popular bundles below. Click on each one to see more detail about what’s included.

We’ve combined our most popular colors and patterns all in one bundle. Perfect for fun crafts and projects!

2 – Valentine’s Full-Sheet Bundle

A sweet collection of pinks, reds, and cute hearts patterns all in a lovely bundle. A must-have for your DIY Valentine’s gifts and other crafts.

3- Easter Multi Panel Bundle

Packed with fun Easter designs like cute Easter eggs & bunnies, you’ll love how it’s combined with fun colors too. Pretty egg-citing!

4 – Christmas Multi Panel Bundle

All you’ll want for Christmas is this bundle. It has fun Christmas patterns with a matching complementing color for each sheet. Oh, the crafts that you’ll sleigh! Ho! Ho! Ho!

5- Classics Full-Sheet Bundle

Stock up on this bundle as it’s got all the classic colors. Perfect for any kind of crafting project!

6- Pastels Full-Sheet Bundle

Such a sweet deal to have these dainty pastels in one bundle. The pretty soft hues are perfect for crafting DIY gifts and even room decor projects too!

adhesive vinyl

7- Greens & Blues Full-Sheet Bundle

The calming blues and greens in this pack are perfect for all your nature-inspired projects!

8- Pinks & Purples Full-Sheet Bundle

Getting super excited just looking at all these shades of pink and purple? Imagine this on your unicorn crafts and other sweet treats you’ll be crafting. It’s joy in a bundle!

9 – Monochrome Full-Sheet Bundle

A crafter’s stash should always, and we mean always, have monochrome vinyl. This bundle is the perfect essential to stock up on.

10 – Earthy Full-Sheet Bundle

Perfect for projects that call for a more muted look or when you need to coordinate and compliment your colors and patterns. Your craft supplies are never complete without this!

Want To Craft With Our Adhesive Vinyl Bundles?

If you loved our Adhesive Vinyl Bundles, you’ll be amazed to know that all our popular colors and patterns are also available in the HTV Vinyl Bundle and Sublimation Paper Bundle too! Perfect for when you’re crafting with fabric! Ahhh-mazing! The best part? These are all printed in Australia and shipped super fast. You’re going to love them!