About Full-Sheet Bundles

About Full-Sheet Bundles

You’ll love crafting with these Full-Sheet Bundles. Perfect for all kinds of projects! Every crafter’s must-have! The best part? We’ve curated the best of our designs and colors, saving you lots of time and money. You get everything you need in a bundle. 

There are 7 types of designs that our Full Sheet Bundles come in: 

All of our designs come in these materials: 

Each set includes 12 sheets that are individually printed with either a plain color or a popular pattern. Continue scrolling to find out what’s included in each bundle.

Valentine’s Full-Sheet Bundle

Take a closer look at each sheet to get a full view of its pretty colors and patterns by clicking the button below.

Classics Full-Sheet Bundle

This bundle includes 12 plain classic colors that are super handy to have in your craft stash at all times.

This pack includes the following 12 colors:

Pastels Full-Sheet Bundle

This pastel bundle contains a pretty range of dainty pastels. Perfect for making gifts, decorations, and more!

This pack includes the following 12 colors:

Greens & Blues Full-Sheet Bundle

This greens & blues bundle is perfect for anyone who loves to craft with nature in mind. There’s a shade of green or blue here for almost any project you have planned.

This pack includes the following 12 colors:

adhesive vinyl

Pinks & Purples Full-Sheet Bundle

These shades of pink and purple will have you thinking about unicorns and sweets the whole time you’re crafting! No matter the occasion, there’s always an excuse to use these pop-inspired tones!

This pack includes the following 12 colors:

Monochrome Full-Sheet Bundle

This monochrome bundle is a must-have for every craft stash. These colors are perfect for using to offset your patterned vinyl, as the hero over a patterned fabric, or to stand out against another bold plain color. You have to have this!

This pack includes the following 12 colors:

Earthy Full-Sheet Bundle

These Earthy tones are exactly what you need for those more mature or muted craft projects. It’s also a handy bundle to have in case you’d like to have a few more plain vinyl colors to coordinate with your patterned vinyl. Get yours now & make something you’ll love.

This pack includes the following 12 colors:

Is your craft space ready for these Full Sheet Bundles? Bring home these vinyl bundle babies, and get them sorted so you can craft away your fun projects! And make sure you grab them all in these bundles:

Crafting has never been super fun and easy with Bright Star Crafters!