About Valentine’s Full-Sheet Bundle

The Valentine’s Full-Sheet Bundle

You’re going to fall in love with the super sweet designs in our Valentine’s Bundle. There are lots of colors and patterns to create your most romantic craft projects yet.

Each sheet in this bundle measures 12 inches x 12 inches, so it’s perfect for projects of all sizes. You can use the sheets on their own, cut designs that use a mix of patterns and colors, or even layer the different sheets or use them for offsetting your designs. The best part, though, is they’re easy to cut on Cricut, Silhouette, and other vinyl cutting machines.

Get this Valentine’s Day design in the following bundles:

Scroll down to see a close-up of what’s included on each sheet.

Sheet 1: Cupid Red 1110

Sheet 2: Plain Red 1110

Sheet 3: Sweet Love Hearts Red 1200

Sheet 4: Plain Red 1200

Sheet 5: Hearts Red 1300

Sheet 6: Plain Pink 2110

adhesive & htv vinyl

Sheet 7: Bright Hearts Pink 2300

Sheet 8: Plain Pink 2200

Sheet 9: Love Hearts Pink 2210

Sheet 10: Plain Pink 2220

Sheet 11: Love Hearts Sketch Pink 2310

Sheet 12: Plain Pink 2330

Fallen Head Over Heels With The Gorgeous Designs In This Valentine’s Full-Sheet Bundle?

I bet you’re super excited to get started on your craft projects! Don’t waste a second and order your Valentine’s Day design in the following bundles:

Of course, if you can’t decide what to get you can always buy all three. Have fun crafting!