What is Bright Star Crafters’ Custom Printing Service all About?

Adhesive & HTV VInyl.

Get To Know Bright Star Crafters’ Custom Printing Service

Have you ever wanted to print a photo or a full-color image onto HTV, Permanent Vinyl, or Sublimation Paper? Maybe you’ve tried to do a million different vinyl layers to create a full-color effect on a craft project. Or maybe you’re not even a Cricut or Silhouette Crafter, but you want to get some stickers printed around your home or for your small business. 

Every day we have people asking whether we can print their designs onto HTV, adhesive vinyl, and sublimation paper we thought… what the heck! Let’s give people the opportunity to design their own images and have them printed on our incredible materials using our professional printers and inks

Using our custom printing service is easy! You design it, upload it, and we’ll print it. All you have to do is cut it and make something you love.

Here are a few designs I put together and had printed:

Where Can You Create Designs?

We highly recommend creating your designs in Canva (they usually have a free trial period, but you’ll love it so much, that you’ll definitely want to upgrade to the pro version). It’s super easy for even the very beginner crafter. Choose the pro account, and you’ll be able to export the highest quality JPG ready to get printed by us. Of course, if you happen to have access to other design software (excluding Cricut Design Space), you can easily use this instead.

Read our ‘Canva Basics: Design Your Own Custom Prints with Canva’.

What File Type do I Export/Download and Upload?

Once you’ve decided what you want to print on your 12” x 12” (30cm x 30cm) sheet, you can export it from your design software as a JPEG/JPG (recommended) or PNG file and upload it into your chosen crafting material:

Custom Printed Sublimation Transfers

Custom Printed HTV Vinyl

Custom Printed Adhesive Vinyl

Once you’ve uploaded it, we’ll print it onto your chosen material. It’s now up to you to turn it into a craft you’ll love.

How Can I Cut It?

Some people simply cut their design with a guillotine, knife, or scissors. Others, however, put it into their Cricut or Silhouette cutting machines (perfect when you make your own pattern).

Putting each of your designs inside of a square as I did below, will make it so easy to cut.

This is super helpful especially when cutting HTV and Adhesive Vinyl. 

For sublimation, you don’t really need to worry about cutting out anything with a white background as white doesn’t transfer over. But If you want a colored background, you will need to trim around your design.

How Do I Apply My Designs?

If you’re getting your files printed on Permanent Adhesive Vinyl, you can simply peel and apply it to most hard-surface items.

But if you’re getting Custom HTV or Sublimation Transfers printed, you’ll need to use a heat press. In the case of some sublimation-ready blanks, you may be able to use an air-fryer or convection oven.

What Kinds Of Things Can I Upload?

There are endless ways to use our Image Uploader. We love using Canva to create things like custom party favor stickers, door signs, logos, wine labels, and t-shirt designs

You can upload illustrations, your kids’ artwork, photos of your family, typography quotes, patterns, and so much more. 

Just remember you can’t upload anything that is licensed from companies like Disney, even if you bought it from a place like Etsy.

We can’t wait to see your clever designs and all of the things you can finally craft with truly Customizable HTV, Sublimation Transfers, and Adhesive Vinyl. You’re going to have a ball!

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