Bright Star Crafters’ Quick Guide on HTV Vinyl

adhesive & htv vinyl

Things You Might Not Know About Bright Star Crafters’ HTV Vinyl

Love using HTV Vinyl on your fabric crafts? You’ll be amazed at how Bright Star Crafters HTV sheets instantly make all your crafting projects look absolutely incredible!

Watch Bright Star Crafters‘ super quick video to learn a thing or two about our HTV Vinyl. You’ll love our range of fun patterned vinyl that’s super easy to use. Crafting all your HTV projects will be such a breeze!

What’s Great About Bright Star Crafters Heat Transfer Vinyl?

  • Can be used on most fabrics
  • No mirror cutting
  • Easy to weed
  • Washer-safe
  • Pre-cut and ready for you to use
  • Available in different sizes to suit your machine
  • Choose from plain or patterned sheets
  • Lots of colours and design options

Looking For Your Next HTV Vinyl Project?

We’ve got a ton of easy crafts & fun projects you can try to do! Just click on the button below and get crafting!

Ready To Try Our HTV?

Craft easy DIY onesies, t-shirts, totes, and aprons with our Heat Transfer Vinyl. Make sure you’ve got the following items, too:

adhesive & htv vinyl

Using Iron With Your HTV?

For smaller HTV designs, you can use a household iron if you don’t have a heat press. Make sure to remove any water (so there’s no steam) and press with even pressure on top of a sturdy table. DO NOT use an ironing board. Check out The Complete Heat Press Guide to find out what type of heat press is best for your projects.

Wondering if you always need Heat Transfer tape for your HTV projects? Don’t fret! It’s possible to use HTV even without it! Read our blog about how to use HTV without transfer tape or watch this quick video.

Ready to Craft Your HTV Vinyl Project?

Perfect then! We’ve got some HTV Vinyl crafting inspo you can check out to get you started!

Want To Share Your Clever Crafting Hacks?

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In Search of Some Fun Patterned Vinyl?

You’ll love Bright Star Crafters’ range of colorful custom patterned HTV Vinyl sheets. They’re perfect for all your Cricut Crafts! We’ve got HTV Vinyl Bundle with all our popular designs! Try them on some crafting blanks too! The best part? These are all printed in the USA and are shipped super fast. You’ll definitely love them!