Comprehensive Typography Guide for Crafters

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Comprehensive Typography Guide for Crafters

Are you new to fonts and typography? Make sure to check out our beginner’s font guide here.

But, if you’d like to dive in and learn lots more, here are some of the most important terms that you’ll most likely encounter along the way. You’ll be able to find these in applications like Canva, Design Space, and other more advanced ones like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

Formatting of Lettering

You’ll most likely have come across this in applications like Word. The most common formats are, which are explained by looking at how they’ve been listed below:

  • UPPERCASE (great for titles, avoid using script fonts)
  • lowercase (great for an informal, relaxed vibe; good with script fonts)
  • Sentence case (this is how most large portions of text in a book or magazine will be laid out, where only the first letter in the sentence has a capital letter)
  • Title Case (this is great for short sentences, such as a phrase or a call out headline)

Styles of Lettering

To make different words stand out you can use lots of different methods such as:

  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Bold Italics
  • Underline (this is normally associated with links to websites that it’s not used as much)

Grouping Fonts

Most fonts can be separated out into a few different groups, with the most popular in crafts being:

  • Serif (Fonts with feet, e.g. Times New Roman)
  • Sans Serif (Fonts without feet, e.g. Arial or Helvetica)
  • Script and Handwriting
  • Playful and Kiddie
  • Decorative
  • Dingbats (they’re those fonts that have cute little designs like arrows and hearts)


Crafters love love love glyphs. And rightly so. They can add a professional touch to your crafts and are particularly useful on romantic signs that have lots of swooshes and hearts. 

Warning: It’s a pretty complicated topic, but if you google Glyphs and Cricut, you’ll find a bunch of great resources.

Font Personalities

When you pick a font to use on a design, you’ll need to think about what kind of tone you want to set. Should it be serious, romantic, playful, scary, or cool? The list goes on. Whatever you want to create, you should aim to pick a font that matches the theme. 

The image below nicely illustrates how fonts can give you an instant feeling even though the words mean something completely different.

Font Legibility

The most important thing about picking fonts is that they can be easily read. It’s amazing how many times crafters fall in love with the font but don’t stand back to see if it’s going to work for the text they need it for. Always get a second or third opinion so that other people can also understand what it says. 

Top Tip: Make sure the font you’ve picked doesn’t turn your text into something that looks completely different and possibly very inappropriate. You don’t want to be that crafter!

Font Family

This just means that a font has different versions, which usually come in black, bold, normal, light, and thin. They’re great when you need to use the same font but need to emphasize certain words like in the example below, which can be found in Canva.

Leading or Line Spacing

Leading is a term that Typographers use, which means the space between the lines. The Canva application is very nice and calls it Line Spacing, which is much easier to understand. Depending on the font picked the amount of line spacing will vary. 

Usually going with the Auto option works well, but depending on your design you might want to make it smaller or larger. 

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