5 Easy Cricut Adhesive Vinyl Christmas Ornaments

adhesive & htv vinyl

Cricut Christmas Ornaments: Easy DIY Ornaments With Your Cricut

Decorate your Christmas tree with Cricut Christmas Ornaments this year. Your Christmas decors will look extra amazing with Bright Star Crafters’ unique patterned permanent vinyl sheets. Designing is super easy that you’ll be done decorating your home in no time!

1. Joyful, Joyful

Cricut Christmas Ornaments

It’s ridiculously easy to design your own Christmas decors with these. Create unique Christmas ornaments with Cricut with custom vinyl decals that you can make sets of these so you can gift to family and friends. Crafting and gifting have never been easier! Amazeballs!

2. Come Wreath Me

Cricut Christmas Ornaments

With patterned custom adhesive vinyl decals, you can instantly make everything look so beautiful with Cricut Christmas ornament designs. Super easy to make too! Decorate a plain colored wrapping paper with your excess decals to match your gift tags and Christmas gifts!

3. Wood It Be Nice

Cricut Christmas Ornaments

Quickly turn plain and boring decors into bright and happy ones. Make personalized Christmas ornaments with vinyl decal ideas in your favorite Christmas color. Have your family name or each family member’s name on them. It’s super-duper easy!

adhesive & htv vinyl

4. Snow Glow

Cricut Christmas Ornaments

Here’s a super quick and easy idea to make DIY Christmas tree ornaments to create with Christmas vinyl decals. Grab everyone’s attention with cute Christmas-inspired patterns in colors that blend well with your home interiors. Perfect as gifts for everyone this year. You’ll have tons of fun making these!

5. Art Deco

Cricut Christmas Ornaments

Get super creative with your DIY Christmas ornaments and use vinyl sticker sheets in your favorite colors and patterns you love. Mix and match the color and create your own unique design for each ornament too! Excess decals can go into mugs and glasses that you can give as gifts. It’s so easy and with amazing designs, you can come up with, it’ll look like it’s done by a pro!  

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