Cricut Mugs: 7 Easy DIY Coffee Mug Designs

adhesive & htv vinyl

Cricut Mugs: 7 Quick & Easy Mug Designs

Make super easy Cricut Mugs with your very own designs. Decorate them with Bright Star Crafters fun custom patterned permanent vinyl sheets to make them super pretty! Check out some of these DIY Coffee Mug designs that you can make in a flash. They’re all super cute and perfect for gifts!

1. Chic Monogram

Cricut Mugs

Choose your favorite patterns and apply your vinyl on coffee mugs to make gifts they’ll use every day! Craft these super easy chic custom coffee mugs using your Cricut or Silhoutte. Design, cut & apply… It’s that easy!

2. Morning Coffee Vibes

Cricut Mugs

Make cute vinyl decals for coffee mugs using super cute fonts. You don’t necessarily need an intricate design to make an impressive mug. In fact using a simple font & some colorful patterned vinyl sheets can make your personalized coffee mugs pop. Don’t forget to make a matching coaster too with these blank coasters.

3. Rise Above

Cricut Mugs

When you’re putting vinyl on coffee mugs you’ve got the opportunity to make the cutest personalized designs ever! Use pattern permanent vinyl to craft easy-to-do coffee mug designs. Cut geometric shapes or be abstract with your lines. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make something really unique.

4. Sprinkled with Love

Cricut Mugs

The best coffee mugs are made with love. Use your left over vinyl adhesive vinyl sheets and scraps to make some confetti mugs! Clever huh?! Finally you have a use for all those left-over bits of vinyl.

adhesive & htv vinyl

5. Owl-y Morning

Cricut Mugs

A design fit for gifting to the wisest person you know. Craft a pack of ceramic coffee mugs and you’ll have gifts for teachers, mentors, coaches and more. They’re super easy to make and it’s a gift they’ll use every day.

6. Coming In Hot

Cricut Mugs

Love a clever slogan on a mug! Use patterned adhesive vinyl to coordinate your with the color of your mug. They’re super easy to craft! You can even make a coffee mug set. They’re going to love this!

7. Waste Not Want Not  

Cricut Mugs

Another easy vinyl scraps project. Whether you’re crafting small or large coffee mugs, this one’s super easy to do… Even the kids can craft this one! Cut any shape you like & apply your vinyl in any pattern you like. So simple!

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