DIY T-Shirt Alignment Ruler by Bright Star Crafters

DIY T-Shirt Alignment Ruler For Perfectly Placed Custom Designs In Different Shirt Sizes

Have you ever spent hours creating a custom-printed shirt only to find out your design was not aligned properly? We all know the struggle!

Fortunately, Bright Star Crafters is here to make sure you nail all your lovely creations moving forward with this FREE DIY T-Shirt Alignment Tool.

With this super easy-to-use tool, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately align pre-cut designs on your shirts. Perfect for all your vinyl shirt projects using HTV vinyl and Sublimation paper!

We’ve got three shirt sizes available for you to use – Adult, Kids, and Infants size. Each alignment tool is used as a ruler to measure how wide your design should be depending on the size of your shirt.

See the image below for the design size guide for each type of clothing.

Get your FREE DIY T-Shirt Alignment Tool by clicking the download button below then print and use as needed.

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