How To Make Cute DIY Christmas Ornaments Using Bright Star Crafters Sublimation Paper

Learn how to make cute DIY Christmas Ornaments with Bright Star Crafters fun Christmas-patterned sublimation paper. Watch our quick and easy tutorial for the step-by-step instructions on how to easily apply sublimation paper to blank Christmas ornaments.

Love the font in this tutorial? Download and install the Dreamland font to create this fun project!

Want to Make Cute DIY Christmas Ornaments?

We made a quick guide below for the list of items you’ll need to recreate this cute Christmas-patterned ornament.

You’ll need a Bright Star Crafters blank Christmas ornament and 2 sublimation sheets in plain red and a blue sheet in our Christmas Koala pattern. Have your heat transfer tape ready, too. Here are the rest of the materials you’ll need to prepare:

  • cutting machine
  • heat press
  • baking paper
  • weeding tool pen
  • scalpel

Don’t forget to watch our easy step-by-step Youtube video tutorial for the full instructions on how to make Christmas ornaments using sublimation paper.

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