HTV Shirts: Easy Tutorial

adhesive & htv vinyl

Follow these easy steps on how to cut, weed & apply with this How To Use HTV Vinyl tutorial video. Make easy DIY custom design shirts look absolutely awesome with Bright Star Crafters‘ fun and unique patterned HTV vinyl. Perfect to try on our blank kids shirts!

Watch our quick instructional video on our Bright Star Crafters YouTube channel or check it out below.

That was super quick & easy, wasn’t it?! Let’s kickstart your design journey with some super clever designs for your HTV shirts, cushions, pillows, aprons, and more! Here’s some inspiration for some of the amazing items you can make using patterned HTV Vinyl:

1. Mono Plaid Is Love

Play around with your HTV shirt designs and use a cute buffalo plaid HTV layered with a bold color to really make it pop! It’s so much fun turning blank kids shirts into your own custom items.

2. Pillow Crush

Use a monogram design on colorful cushions to make a custom item you’ll love. They’ll instantly brighten up any space. The best part is, they’re so easy to craft! Just grab a blank cushion cover and use a beautiful patterned HTV vinyl, like the T-shirts above, you can layer your vinyl on these too. Don’t they look great?!

3. Bake Memories

Make an easy DIY apron hot & fresh out of your heat press! Use sprinkle-inspired confetti patterned HTV sheet to create the cutest custom design for any aspiring baker! Try it on a blank kids apron and play around with your favorite prints and patterns in the brightest colors you can mix & match.

adhesive & htv vinyl

Looking For Ways To Use Your HTV Vinyl?

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Looking for Cute Patterned HTV Vinyl Sheets?

Bright Star Crafters got the cutest patterned HTV Vinyl that you can customize for all your projects in your favorite colors! Try them on our blank kids shirts and other craft blanks! The best part? Our vinyl is printed for you in the USA and shipped super-duper fast! You’re going to love it!