Permanent Adhesive Vinyl For Mugs: Easy Tutorial

adhesive & htv vinyl

How To Apply, Weed & Cut Permanent Vinyl For Mugs

Here’s a quick & easy tutorial on how to use permanent vinyl for mugs. Learn how to apply, weed & cut your permanent vinyl so you can easily make custom designs like a pro!

Here’s our quick 1-minute instructional video to help you create custom mugs using permanent vinyl:

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Download Your Free Be Kind SVG

Make this DIY mug by downloading our FREE Be Kind SVG below.

Love the fonts in this tutorial? We have used the fonts Coconutz and Welcome.

Want More Project Ideas on How You Can Use Permanent Vinyl ?

Here are a few clever ways to use permanent vinyl for gifts. Get crafting with these quick &n easy gift ideas that everyone will love.

1. Bee-You-tiful

Create custom DIY coasters easily with blank coasters and patterned adhesive vinyl in amazing prints and patterns. Choose bolder colors to make it look incredible! Perfect to match with your Cricut Mugs to give to your friends and family for any occasion!

2. Tag Along

Have your own custom design for your DIY luggage tags with use patterned permanent vinyl in your favorite prints and colors you love. Just peel & stick on your blank luggage tags. Add a monogram to customize so it’s easy to grab your stuff in a sea of bags when you’re traveling.

3. Key To My Heart

A quick & easy way to make your own acrylic keyrings is to decorate them with beautiful and colorful patterned adhesive vinyl sheets. Peel & wrap or stick your vinyl decals onto blank keyrings and you’re done in a flash!

adhesive & htv vinyl

Crafting Your Own Cricut Mugs?

Check out our blog Cricut Mugs. And while you’re at it, you might enjoy using HTV Vinyl and practice How To Layer HTV on Shirts. There’s so much you can make when you’ve mastered this skill. You’ll be a pro in no time!

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